Who We Are

Who are we?

Wisdom Wilderness is a small family business. Currently we are a dad, mom, son, and daughter team.

We LOVE the Lord and want to bring Him all the glory and honor.

What do we make?

We make tallow based skin care products.

We infuse dried herbs with the oils.

We make body balm, lip balm, soaps, salves and more!

Where do we get our ingredients?

The tallow is only from trusted sources and grass fed (and finished).

The herbs are organic and sourced from reliable companies.

The beeswax is from local (Texas) honey farmers.

Why do we do what we do?

Honestly, we try our best to let the Lord lead us in what He wants us to do.

Whether that is making food boxes for our neighbors, or making homeless bag,

or making products using the herbs He gave us as food and medicine.

We are simply trying to serve the Lord, hoping one day to hear “Well Done